Happy December – Meeting notes for Monday, December 2nd.

I'm looking forward to seeing everyone this Monday! (Dec.2nd) We will be working on the Tiger Duty to God Advancement – the last REQUIRED advancement! We are looking for ways each Scout can share acts of kindness individually and as a Den. I will be signing off on two more advancements, so be sure to bring your Tiger book!

As a Service Project, I'd like to make plans to create a basket of treats to share with either the local fire or police stations in Whitehouse, maybe with a bunch of scouts singing Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer?? More details to come if everyone thinks this would be a good service event for our Scouts – this is going to be an ongoing service program and we'll share again during the Spring.

For everyone who missed the Monday (Nov. 25) meeting, here are the activities your Scout needs to do for their “Tigers in the Wild”, “My Tiger Jungle”, and “Team Tiger” belt loops:
1. Go on a Nature Hike! Collect cool leaves or other outside materials and of course, pick up any litter you see!
2. Make a leaf rubbing by putting a leaf collected on your Nature hike between two pieces of paper, then rubbing a crayon across to record the shape and details of the leaf. Then have your Scout share what they saw on their Nature Hike with the family.
3. With your Scout, do a Google search about “Most Common Birds in East Texas” and learn about one or two – especially birds in the Raptor family (eagles, hawks, etc) because dinosaurs are not the only raptors!!
4. Each Scout needs to do whatever family chores you assign to earn $3 to bring to our next meeting to pay for their birdhouse we will be building soon!