Happy Thanksgiving!!

I just wanted to share how THANKFUL I am to get to work with each of your wonderful Scouts every week. Cooper, Brodey, Viana, Harrison, Ayden, Matthew, Preston, Evie, Ben, Breck, Joel, and Bo are awesome kiddos and I treasure my time with them – keeps me young (and on my toes, LOL!) Life is too hectic these days, BUT Scouting gives you a chance to spend one-on-one time with your scout each week, something they will remember and treasure for the rest of their lives. You may not think so, but they will!!

I also want to thank each family for their involvement in Scouting. I know your lives are packed already, but our program will try hard to include Scouting into and around your schedule! If you miss a meeting or event, I will make sure your Scout can catch up on anything they need for advancements!

In December, we will be working on the Tiger Duty to God activity. We are looking for ways each Scout can share acts of kindness individually and as a Den. As a Service Project, and especially to thank all the first responder units that came to share with us at our last Pack Meeting, I'd like to make plans to create a basket of treats to share with either the local fire or police stations in Whitehouse, maybe with a bunch of scouts singing Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer?? More details to come if everyone thinks this would be a good service event for our Scouts – this is going to be an ongoing service program and we'll share again during the Spring.

For everyone who was out of town for Thanksgiving and missed the Monday (Nov. 25) meeting, here are the activities your Scout needs to do for their “Tigers in the Wild”, “My Tiger Jungle”, and “Team Tiger” belt loops:
1. One of the reasons we had to meet this week was that the Scout's Nature collections stored in baggies were moist, so stuff was growing in there or disintegrating! This will be a great week to take a hike outside – if you already went on a Nature Hike, you might want to go again!! Monday night we made leaf rubbings by putting a leaf we'd collected on our Nature hike between two pieces of paper, then rubbing a crayon across to record the shape and details of the leaf. The Scouts really enjoyed watching the leaf “appear” like magic on the paper – be sure to do this with your Scout! Then have your Scout share what they saw on their Nature Hike with the family.
2. With your Scout, do a Google search about “Most Common Birds in East Texas” and learn about one or two – especially birds in the Raptor family (eagles, hawks, etc) because dinosaurs are not the only raptors!!
3. Each Scout needs to do whatever family chores you assign to earn $3 to bring to our next meeting to pay for their birdhouse we will be building soon!

Happy Thanksgiving to all the Terrific Tiger Families in Den 4!