Heyyyyyyy WOLF PACK!

Hope everybody is staying healthy and getting back in the swing of school – let's hope we can all STAY healthy and IN school!

It was sure nice to see everyone who came out to our Shooting/Science Camp, Raingutter Boat races and water day, and parent orientation.  I am SO ready to jump into this WOLF year with my Den 4 team!  The pack will do an orientation for any NEW parents on September 10th (if your scout has a friend who wants to join they should come to that meeting) and after that we are free to meet!!

SO – save the date for our first meeting on TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 15th – location TBA for now.

To help keep us more “socially distant” Dens are meeting on different nights so a whole herd of us are not in the church at the same time.  I'll see if there is a spot for us to meet there and will post the confirmed location as soon as I have it locked in.  As you might remember, I have a weekly meeting Mondays from 5 – 6:30 at Tyler Junior College, so I'm hoping we can all comfortably adjust to Tuesdays as our regular meeting time. I'm open to Tuesdays or Thursdays – I teach a class on Wednesday nights this fall.

Enjoy the upcoming Labor Day weekend, and let's hopefully say goodbye to 100 degree temperatures! Have a great week!