Important: Den 4 Flag delivery THIS week & Livin’ the BEAR life!!!

Howdy to all the Big, Bad, BEAR Scouts!!!

We have all survived the first week of school and need to begin thinking about our fall schedule of events – AFTER we get Flags out for this weekend.

  1. FLAGS – Each Den has a set “ZONE” – ours is Zone 3, which has 4 flag routes in it. This will let Parents & Scouts learn their route and get flags out and back in without a major game of “Hide & Seek.”  Everyone can see the routes, addresses, etc. by going to  If you load this on your cell phone, you can click on a pinned house and see the address!!!
  2.  I'm hoping those who I know have “flag-transporting” vehicles can handle these routes for this week as flags have to go out asap.  Once we meet in person we will better be able to coordinate scouts/vehicles/parents/and flags to allow all our scouts to participate in the future. Scouting Parents listed below – can you handle the flag routes listed (pick up flags Tuesday or Wednesday evening at the church)???

Zone 3 – Route B4 – Cumberland Estates – Patrick Lupton & Cooper – our superstar Flag Team (19 flags!)

Zone 3 – Route B6 – 8 flags in the Trane/Grande areas – Savannah Preusse & Viana  

Zone 3 – Route B8 – Rhones Qtr/ Paluxy Area – Jason Beaton and Ayden 

Zone 3 – Route B5 – 5 flags behind Panda Express on Broadway – What other families have a truck or car that will hold flags?  Maybe Wendy Blackmon and Evie?  Or can any other Den 4 family get these flags delivered?

The hole to “plant” the flag should be marked with a blue Scout symbol (Fleur-de-lis) on the pavement at each home.  Scouts should be in uniform and salute the flag once placed.

NEXT UP – As always, our Den 4 family works around as many fall activities as possible when planning meeting times. I am looking at Tuesday nights for meetings, with the time moved up or back to work around practice/game/training schedules if possible.  Please drop me an email at and let me know what your Scout is involved in this fall and what day & time games/practices/training will be so I can be as prepared as possible.  If you have a vehicle that will transport flags and I've not called on you this time, let me know please!  I've already lined up some great woodworking projects, rockets to launch, and other fun surprises for our Scouts.  Can't wait to see who our new recruits are and get ready for a fabulous FALL!!