LION DEN MEETING MONDAY, OCT.1 6:30 AT Whitehouse Methodist Church


My name is Gigi Delk – Jason Beaton is my son, and Lion Cub Ayden Beaton is my grandson. I am SO excited to get the chance to enjoy Cub Scouts again!!!

I have four sons and two stepsons, and they all went through Cub Scouts, with five of the six continuing on to be Eagle Scouts. I'm Woodbadge trained (SR-281) and have been a Den Leader, Committee Chair, Merit Badge Counselor, District Committee member and have served on numerous Eagle Boards of Review, so I've been there and done that, so to speak! Cub Scouting is where it all begins, and where you will get a chance to enjoy learning and exploring together with your scout. We are going to have a blast!!

A little bit about me – We have been in Whitehouse since the mid-1980's, and have been involved in supporting the school and community throughout that time. I teach Computer Programming at Tyler Junior College and my husband Tracy is a sports photographer for Lifetouch, when he is not deployed with FEMA for disaster relief – he is presently in North Carolina working to help folks affected by the hurricane and subsequent flooding there.

I'll be asking you parents to complete some paperwork for me so I can get to know you a bit better – we might not have a lot of time to talk parent-to-parent tomorrow night because I'll be getting to know our scouts better and hopefully get them excited about our Den and Scouting activities, but I'm going to provide my cell phone number and email here so you can message me any time. If your scout has the LION book and uniform GREAT – but don't panic if you don't have it yet. Books and the Lion T-shirt are available at the Scout office across from TJC on 5th street. Please have your Scout bring the Lion book if you have it.

My cell phone is 903-574-3787. Since I teach, my phone is almost always on “silent” so I ask everyone to TEXT me and that way even if I'm in a meeting or in class I can glance at the phone and get your message.

The email I use for everything is my TJC email – I've been teaching at TJC for over 30 years, and am too busy to have multiple emails!!

I plan on having Capri Sun or water with dinosaur cookies for a snack (Keebler “Vanilladon” striped dino cookies) for a snack. IF your scout has any food allergies, please let me know if this won't work, so I can make alternate plans. I'm a big fruit fan myself, but some are allergic to fruits…. The boys will be “earning” their snack by practicing their Scout salute, sign, and motto and I'll be asking parents to lend a hand with that. It will be fun! Cub Scouting is my favorite part of Scouting, and our LION Den is going to have a “roaring” good time!

See you tomorrow – 6:30pm at the Whitehouse United Methodist Church on FM 346!