LIONS will meet Monday, April 8th to practice our skit and final prep for Blue & Gold!!

Lions – we had a GREAT time planning the rules, sharing them with each other, and then following the rules on our obstacle course! Keep up the good work with the Scout Motto, Scout Law and tying those pesky shoelaces!

Thanks to everyone who send me additional pictures of our Lions in action – if you have anything else, I'll be printing them next Sunday or Monday before out meeting for our LION DEN board – named by the boys.

I have a couple of choices for our skit – I have Astronaut jokes and Cow jokes that go together in a skit. The boys can hear them and then practice them for Blue & Gold!! I think they need to practice a little bit so they know what to do, which is why we will meet next Monday – if your scout can't be there, email me at and I can send their part for the cow/astronaut joke skit.

Don't forget to REGISTER for food and bring a dessert – preferably peanut free dessert. We are going to have a great time!!