Meeting at 6pm tomorrow at WUMC to work on our cement garden flagstones! BRING supplies (Listed below)

Attention Webelos ARTISTS!  We are meeting at 6pm under the pavillion at WUMC.

Tuesday our weather forecast is for 75 degrees – perfect weather for the Scouts to craft their cement stepping stone. The mold can be reused, so your scout can craft additional stones as a summer activity.  This activity is one part of our ART EXPLOSION elective, which we will be working on over a couple of weeks. *IMPORTANT* bring the following supplies!!

  1. A bowl, large coffee can, or something to use for mixing the cement.  Bigger is better than smaller – it's 2lbs of cement. It should wash clean.
  2. Sturdy spoon and maybe a spatula to stir the cement and get it into the mold. Should wash clean.
  3. Old towel
  4. Measuring cup – preferably not glass (any cup will do in a pinch)
  5. 9X13 baking pan to transport your Scout's wet cement creation home in your car.
  6. Class B Uniforms are fine for tonight.

One part of this elective is visiting an Art museum – there is one on TJC campus, but their hours are not good for bringing in scouts after 5.  In the meantime, Nicole Whittaker forwarded me a link to an article with virtual museum and art gallery tours. An online option for visiting an art gallery or exhibit, which will fulfill the first requirement without having to find a local gallery or exhibit! Everyone should be able to complete this prior to Blue & Gold.

10 of the world’s best virtual museum and art gallery tours | Cultural trips | The Guardian

If you and your Scout complete this virtual tour we can add Art Explosion to the list of electives we'll receive at Blue & Gold!

Your Scout also received a worksheet for Yo-Yo, Sports, and Fix-It! – each Scout should be able to complete the Yo-Yo elective and Sports Elective worksheets – by Blue & Gold – please have your Scout BRING ME the worksheet or snap a picture/scan it to me.  Fix-It! should take awhile – it was intended to be worked on with you and your scout through the Spring.  Because Webelos / Arrow of Light is a two-year rank, we can finish Fix-It! over the summer and award the pin next fall.  (Nicole, you do need to get both Yo-Yo and Fix-It! pins for everyone so we have them since these are being phased out)

See you Tuesday!