Meeting tonight – WUMC – 6:30pm

Hi Webelos!

I hope you used last week to go virtually visit an art museum of your choice as the first item in the Art Explosion elective.  You also should have a finished stepping stone – if you do not want the mold, please return it tonight.  If you are going to make more, feel free to keep it.  If you missed this activity I have a few extra kits, just let me know! We have a couple of items left on Art Explosion and should wrap that up before we finish meetings this spring.

We are continuing to work on our Fix It and Sports electives – some have them done already!!


We have officially been invited to the Geology Lab at TJC to complete our Earth Rocks! elective – we will meet at the Genecov Science Building Geology Lab on TJC Campus next Tuesday, May 2nd, at 6:30.  I could wiggle this a little bit if we need a few scouts to come through earlier due to ball games, but with the weather like it is, who knows!?!  I will send a map and meeting place before next week.


Finally – I am looking to try to do the Aquanaut elective when things finally warm up a bit this spring. There are a few rules/precautions I need to check out, BUT looking at my swimming-pool families to see if the Scouts would be welcome. Shoot me a text if your pool would be open.

Here's what we'd do either beforehand or at the pool:

Webelos/AOL Elective Adventure: Aquanaut

Complete Requirements 1-4 and at least two others.

  1. State the safety precautions you need to take before doing any water activity. (Done beforehand)
  2. Discuss the importance of learning the skills you need to know before going boating. (Done beforehand)
  3. Explain the meaning of “order of rescue” and demonstrate the reach and throw rescue techniques from land.
  4. Attempt the BSA swimmer test.
  5. Demonstrate the precautions you must take before attempting to dive headfirst into the water, and attempt a front surface dive.
  6. Learn and demonstrate two of the following strokes: crawl, sidestroke, breaststroke, or elementary backstroke.
  7. Invite a current or former lifeguard, or member of a rescue squad, the U.S. Coast Guard, U.S. Navy, or other armed forces branch who has had swimming and rescue training to your den meeting. Find out what training and other experiences this person has had.
  8. Demonstrate how to correctly fasten a life jacket that is the right size for you. Jump into water over your head. Swim 25 feet wearing the life jacket. Get out of the water, remove the life jacket, and hang it where it will dry.
  9. If you are a qualified swimmer, select a paddle of the proper size, and paddle a canoe with an adult’s supervision.