Meeting update and District Pinewood Derby has been Postponed….

Hi Tiger Team!!  We had a great time at Arkansas Bend, and I saw a lot of fun goings-on with you guys and your families over spring break as well!

With all the craziness over the COVID-19 flu virus and because we are coming off a camping weekend, we will NOT meet this coming Monday, March 16th.  The Pack is going to send out more information shortly – I know TJC and UT Tyler cancelled classes for the next week and are going online for at least a week after that just to be on the safe side… We hope this all “blows over” quickly!! Stay healthy and wash you hands!!!

Other Updates – District Pinewood Derby has been postponed – they hope to hold it at a later date!


The following events will be postponed due to safety concerns with COVID-19:

University of Scouting

Pinewood Derby – Tomahawk District, Wo-Ha-Li District, Golden Eagle District

Executive Board Meeting

It is our hope that these events WILL NOT be cancelled but instead moved to a later date when hopefully the public health threat has crested.  Our focus now is on the health and safety of our Scouts and Scouters.  While the effects of COVID-19 have only just started to infiltrate East Texas, without any idea of how transmission will proceed over the next few weeks, we can not take the risk of moving forward.  It is our sincere hope that this decision, in hindsight, will seem over-cautious and that no threat is posed to our community.  Until that time, we will operate with the best interests of our Scouting family in mind.