Meetings and Homework


Last night was fun. I'm super glad parents came up with fundraising ideas (call your spirit night locations) and the scouts got really far with knot tying and lashing. Things you should be doing:

  • This Saturday is the Christmas Caroling. Look for information from the pack for details.
  • Work on your Duty to God.
  • Electives: You can work on these at home. Have fun with it.
  • We ARE meeting next Monday to finish knots and lashings
  • Save the date: Jan 21. Troop 356 has invited our group to Tyler State Park for a day of fun activity and camping that night. Parents are invited to stay and ask questions about the troop and learn more about the next phase in scouting. It is also PWD build day. We can build in the morning and then go out to the campout early afternoon.
  • Spring break camp is booked at

Happy Day!