Mrs. Gigi is SICK :( NO Meeting tonight for Webelos!

Hi team!

The pollen and weird weather have conspired against me – I tried to sleep it off last night but am still struggling with clogged head, scratchy throat, cough and fever this afternoon, so I am electing NOT to share my germs with everyone – NO MEETING TONIGHT!! 


I have some great projects lined up for our Electives including creating yard stepping stones, a tour of the geology lab at TJC, and learning how to yo-yo – all of which require me to be up close and personal with all your scouts – so take a family night to just recover from the back-to-school grind, and get ready for some fun activities for this spring.  I am starting to get my grandkid's baseball and soccer schedules so I'm sure many of you are getting a handle on your spring evenings as well.  Keep me informed as we remain flexible to make meetings “do-able” for all!!