Next Steps this weekend


I love that all my AOLs made it to a troop meetings. Sounds like 3 troops are very active and all the AOLs got involved. We will have a short discussion next Monday on what our scouts learned (this is part of the Scouting pin and is required) but then move into the art pin. Only one AOL has completed Duty to God. Please keep working on this. It is a month long pin.

Camping with Troop 356: Ben, Jack, Aurora, Madison, Santi are signed up. If your child's name isn't listed and they plan on attending please text me today (Wednesday). Packing: camp chair, mess kit, camp cup, day pack with 6 essentials and tp, snacks, tent, items to sleep and night items.

Don't forget this Saturday morning is our PWD build day. Come and get help building your car. Bob will be there to help guide. Then over to Shee-bee to promote our fundraiser and camping. No one can say we aren't busy.

Yours in scouting,