NO BEAR Meeting tonight – Blue & Gold Photos are up on my Facebook page!!

Hello to all my BEAR families!!

I could not be prouder of ALL of DEN 4 – Scouts, Parents, Siblings – we are a GREAT Team!!

Since we had Blue & Gold this weekend we will not be meeting tonight – I am going to try and watch my oldest grandson's soccer 7th grade soccer game and the rest of the grand's baseball and softball games!!  We still have to do our ROCKET project, but I'm hoping for a night where half don't have to miss due to school or sports events, so have a great week and STAY TUNED!!!

I am planning to come out for campfire at family camp this weekend, and don't forget to sign up for our summertime activities!!!

Spring Family Camp is April 29th – May 1st at Camp Tyler. Registration closed for camping but everyone is still welcome to come out during the day and hang out.

Bicycle Rally June 11th at UMC Whitehouse

July Family Overnighter at Ft. Worth Zoo July 23rd and 24th. Registration is now open on pack website.