No Meeting This Week

Hey Webelos!!

We will not have a meeting this week. I am out of town and will not return until Wednesday Night.

A couple of quick items –

  1. December Campout Postponed – Our Den Campout that was originally scheduled for this upcoming weekend has been postponed. I have personally talked to several of you as to why. But for those I haven't been able to speak to directly – Campsite availability and the COVID uptick has played into this decision. We'll try again in February or March.
  2. No Meeting This week – As mentioned above, I am out of town so we will not be meeting this week.
  3. Christmas Parade – We will not be participating in the Whitehouse Christmas Parade as a PACK this weekend. With that said, IF your scout want's to lead the parade and carry one of the flags, please contact me so I can sync you up with the Wolf Den Leader.

Let me know if you have any questions.