….one more thing

Okay, two more things:


Please wear your Class A uniform to the race Saturday morning. You are welcome to just come for your race or stay for the whole morning!


FLAGS GO OUT THIS WEEKEND FOR PRESIDENTS' DAY!  If you are putting out a flag route, you may pick up your flags immediately following your den's race. Flags will be on the side of the church. View your route/neighborhood here: Routes and Zones – Cub Scout Pack 359 (etacpack359.org)


We have two businesses in Tyler that will need flags delivered. Harley Davidson (5 flags – these require the metal stakes) and Texas Farm Credit on Dominion Plz (10 flags – pipes are already installed). If you can cover either of these, please let me know ASAP.


Once your flags are placed, please mark each as delivered (this can be temperamental when marking from a phone or tablet, it works best on a computer). If any repairs are necessary, mark as needs repair and email the pack at etacpack359@gmail.com any details. If you are unable to deliver a flag for whatever reason, email the route number and physical address. Once again, if you have any questions, please contact me at 210-865-2712. Thanks!