Flags for Presidents Day

Hey webelos,

We are going back to covering the zones assigned to our den. If you previously covered a route, please let me know asap if you will be able to put out those flags. This is what I have from this past summer:

B4 Route – Canyon Springs – Whittaker Family 

B4 Route – Windridge & Remington – Nielsen Family

B4 Route – Flags for Cumberland – Lupton Family with help from the Czalpa Family. 

B6 Route – Saddleview, Greenwood, Graemont, and Brook Hollow – Preuss & Lampin Families

B8 Route:  Joye Lane Neighborhood and Jamie Drive – off of Rhones Quarter road – Blackmon Family.

B5 Route – Cambridge Village & Sleepy Hollow – 6 FlagsSivula family

Let me know as soon as possible if you can cover these routes. If you are not assigned a route but are able to assist, let me know as well. Thanks!