Pack meeting and chance to view & meet First Responders Monday – Den Meeting Tuesday – Whitehouse Christmas Parade next Saturday

MONDAY night at 6:30 will be our monthly Pack meeting in the WUMC sanctuary. Please wear your uniform (class A).  BEAR SCOUTS will be performing our “Cooking” skit that we did at Family Camp during the Pack Meeting – Mrs. Whittaker will be helping everyone with their parts – Parents take some pictures!!  Everybody bring a jacket to go across the street to visit the first responders (fire, police & others!) after the pack meeting – BE SURE to talk with fire safety or law enforcement officers – Find out what skills the officers use to do their jobs. Ask questions that will help you learn how to stay safe – this is part of our “Paws for Action” Achievement!!   I have to miss this Pack Meeting – Monday is the formal Induction Banquet & Ceremony for my TJC Honor Society – we had to move it when the tree fell on my house, and this was the only night left open!!

TUESDAY – DEN MEETING – 6:30pm WUMC – We will talk about our parade plans and work on our Fur, Feathers, & Ferns Achievement!  2 things to bring to the meeting: Pictures/Information about local SNAKES (One venomous, one non-venomous) AND be prepared to share about one animal that has become extinct in the last 100 years and one animal that is currently endangered. Explain what caused their declines.  (Sorry for 2 meetings back-to-back, just gotta getting some Scouting in before the next holiday break!)

Saturday, December 4th is the Whitehouse Christmas Parade.

  • Line up is at 4:30, enter at Stanton-Smith.  Lions and Tigers will ride on the trailer and are required to have an adult with them.
  • Parade starts at 5:45 and will go straight down 346.
  • Pick up is at the FRONT of Whitehouse High School (this is new this year)
  • The Theme is CANDY LAND –  Bear scouts need to be looking for Scout-size boxes to wrap and wear during the parade!!

For more Parade information click the link provided in the Pack update sent to you today and on our etacpack359 website!