Pack Meeting has been Cancelled for this week – Spring break Camp meeting this Thursday!!

Hi Wild Wolves and Tired Parents!

Congratulations to all those who had cars in this year's Pinewood Derby!!  I posted photos to my Facebook page and they are copied onto the Pack page – SO glad we got the Derby in before the snow started flying!!  Doesn't that seem like it happened a long time ago instead of just a week or so?


Hope you are all getting back to normal following our “Snowpocalypse 2021” week!  The school just sent out a notification about “REMOTE Instruction” for the remainder of this week due to the water issues. Fun, Fun, Fun.  Since that all starts tomorrow, with the ongoing water issues affecting WUMC and most of Whitehouse, I wanted to share the following updates:

  1. The February Pack Meeting scheduled for tonight is cancelled. The Pack Leadership is working on the announcement for final Pinewood Derby results!!
  2. Wolves will NOT have a Den meeting this week – tomorrow evening I expect working parents will need to sort through the remote learning messages….  However, I hope everyone who wants more information will attend the Thursday Spring Break Camping information meeting! There is still time to register and this will be a great time to get questions answered.  I believe the meeting is at the WUMC.
  3.  Paperwork and Q & A meeting for the Spring Break Trip has been moved to Thursday, Feb 25 at 6:30.  Everyone camping (adults to infants) must turn in Health Forms A, B, and C (this is different from what you have already turned into the pack). If you look close Form C requires a doctor's signature. We are working to have a doctor on hand to sign paperwork this Thursday. If you have any major medical conditions they have asked you to get your primary doctor to sign your health forms. This meeting date is subject to change (working with doctors' schedules).Spring Break March 6-9 REGISTER LINK –

4. Please be on the lookout for when we will do flag pickup. A separate email will be coming asking for help.