Pack Meeting Tomorrow Night

Howdy Pack!

Tomorrow evening will be our first meeting of 2022! We'll be in the Sanctuary at 6:30 PM. Remember, no hats in the sanctuary, please.

Our first big event of 2022 is Pinewood Derby!!! Scouts will receive their cars and the official rules at the Pack meeting. There is no cost for the scout cars. If you would like an extra car (for adults, siblings, cousins, oopsies, etc), please bring $5 cash and we'll have them available after the Pack meeting.

If this is your first time participating in Pinewood Derby, we'll be sharing all the details at the Pack meeting, so be sure to attend.

Pinewood Derby Build Day will be NEXT Saturday, January 22nd beginning at 8 AM. You will be able to walk out with only painting left if you attend Build Day. We will have a sign-up for timeslots released after the Pack Meeting tomorrow.

Upcoming Pack Events:
PWD Build Day – January 22
PWD Race Day – Feb 12
Scout Sunday – Feb 27
Possum Kingdom – March 12-15

See Everyone tomorrow! (PS – There miiiight be another visit from a special guest!)