Pack Meeting TONIGHT!

Howdy Webelos!

What a fun weekend a lot of us had. I had so much fun I almost forgot tonight is PACK meeting. This means we will meet with all the other dens and celebrate the past month. We have 3 parts that our den will be a part of during the pack meeting.

  1. Skit – Gavin will do his Run Away Piggy Bank (with lots of coins)
  2. Song – We will lead the repeat after me song from mom & me – “I'm singing in the Rain”
  3. Bobcat – Our new scouts Jonathan, Logan and Madison will be earning their Bobcat rank. Please bring your parent with you tonight to help with the Bobcat ceremony.

The bear's will host a Bear Carnival at the end of the pack meetings. Be ready to play games.

Wear you Class A uniform (button down blue or tan shirt).

Yours in Scouting,