Pack meeting tonight – Wear your Class “A” uniforms – We have a Skit – Bear Carnival is moving in to Pike & Connor Hall

Hi Webelos families!

Quick reminder – Pack Meeting tonight – 6:30 pm in the Sanctuary.  Try to sit close together, we have to get out to do a skit – I will have a Halloween skit ready to go for the team so get there early if you can.  The weather moved the Bear Carnival in to Pike & Connor Hall – Voting will be taking place in some areas, so be prepared.  The weather did cancel the TJC activity I had to be at, Yay!

We will be getting our Webelos Colors as planned.  Our skit is a takeoff of the “scariest person on earth”  –

The announcer Scout tells the audience that we have spared NO expense this Halloween season to bring to Pack 359 the Scariest Person on Earth!!  Bring in a scout under a sheet.  Scouts, in sets of 3, peek under the sheet and faint or run off screaming.  Finally, we have Cubmaster Cody look under the sheet – and the scout under the sheet screams and runs off!!

See all of you tonight!!!