Hi Arrow Families!

We have not had a lot of volunteers sign up for our Pinewood Derby Fundraiser!!   ALL current Scouts (first year and returning) should plan to attend the Crossover Ceremony – All returning scouts have earned their Arrow of Light rank and can be awarded the engraved plaque regardless of whether you plan to bridge over into a Scout Troop or not.  First year scouts this year do need to complete one Arrow of Light Elective along with the required Advancements we have worked on as a Den.  I  believe our Whitehouse Mayor will be judging Pinewood Derby cars Friday evening according to Nicole Whittaker if you need to interview an elected official (the Mayor) for Building a Better World achievement.

So –  #1 priority – “Concession” at Pinewood Derby. We have candy, sodas, and some cookies – only 5 families have responded out of our 14 and we are going to need one adult and  Arrow Scout volunteers for each hour of the PineWood Derby. If you have not responded, I will re-post the fundraiser link below – please let us know when you (and your scout) can come help for an hour!  Race times should be posted asap – don't put down to work during the races, I know you'll want to watch your Scout's car race!

2nd Priority – I have been checking in to Scout meetings at 6:45pm on Tuesdays and have missed a few of your smiling faces! You might be checking out other Troops, which is great, I just need to know who is bridging over to what Troop, or if your scout is going to “graduate” with their Arrow of Light and take a break from Scouting.  WE MUST order the Arrow of Light Plaques and Arrows this week!! These will cost about $70 for the plaque and arrow. If you are unable to volunteer and donate desserts, etc. for the fundraisers we understand that everyone is super busy – you can just pay for the plaque, arrow, and ceremony dinner if that fits your schedule better – I just need to know your plans by email ( or text (903-574-3787) by this WEDNESDAY, February 7th!

Arrow of Light Ceremony and Dinner – Saturday, MARCH 23rd, 6:30pm – open to Scouts, families, guests, etc. We need a head count so we can determine the cost of the meal! Please sign up on this link – and count your Scout!!

Below is the link for parents to provide a headcount for crossover ceremony.

Here is the link to register to bring items for the Pinewood Derby Concession Stand – please sign up so we know who is bringing what AND who is going to be volunteering at what times!! My grandkids are in basketball playoffs and I will be watching their games so we need to get the concession stand covered. This is for February 10th, Pinewood Derby Race Day!

Remember every Den 4 family needs to bring a dessert to serve at the Pizza Supper Fundraiser before the Monday Night Pinewood Derby Awards Pack Meeting on Monday February 12th (this is the 2nd fundraiser)

What Happens at Crossover? Each Scout each set up a memorabilia area with photos or a photo board, derby cars, uniforms, and other scouting  memories. Scouts, families, & guests will enjoy a celebration meal at WUMC, followed by the Arrow of Light Ceremony. All Arrows will receive their Plaque and Arrow symbolizing the work they have accomplished in Cub Scouts.  Those “Bridging” over to a Troop will be walked by their parents to the bridge, where the parents will remove the cub scout neckerchief and shoulder ribbons, the Scout will cross over the bridge, and will be received on the other side by representatives of their Troop who will present the Scout with their new Scout neckerchief, shoulder ribbons and Scout Handbook. You all have had time to visit with Troops in the area and I need you to email me at with both 1) a headcount of how many people will be at your crossover to eat and 2) what Troop you plan to cross over into.

This week – ALL ARROWS need to be attending the Troop meetings for the troop you wish to bridge over to – Troop 359 Boys and Girls meet at 6:45 at WUMC – the boys are working on Orienteering (using a compass – these skills will be needed for an upcoming campout!!!)  Troop 359 campouts –  February 16 – 18 in Rusk. March 22 – 24 Shooting Sports at Drott's Farm.

RECHARTER – If you are a returning Scout, pay your Re-charter to the PACK – your re-charter will automatically be passed on to the Troop. NEW Scouts don't need to pay Re-charter as you paid when you joined last fall.

*** New Scouts – Everett, Josiah, and Calvin – need to complete their God in Action achievement AND one Arrow Elective to be ready to crossover and earn your Arrow of Light.  ALL returning Scouts are finished with their Arrow of Light requirements when you finish God in Action. There are 11 Elective Adventures plus some retired or preview Adventures, which can be earned as electives for Arrow of Light: Aquanaut, Art Explosion, Aware and Care, Build It, Castaway, Earth Rocks!, Engineer, Game Design, Into the Wild, Into the WoodsSports, and Yo-Yo.  (Bold indicates those completed by the entire Den last year or at Summer Camp.



Fundraiser # 2 – PACK MEETING for Pinewood Derby Awards – MONDAY FEB. 12 – The ARROWS will get to host a pizza supper fundraiser before the Pack Meeting.  Pizzas and drinks have been donated – again, we need you guys to heat up those ovens and make some tasty homemade desserts that will “sweeten the deal” – everyone in the Pack is invited.  $5 for 2 slices of Pizza, chips, drink and one yummy dessert.  Kids come for Pizza, parents come for desserts!! Desserts do not have to be individually wrapped, but can be sliced/served at the pizza supper.

Weigh-in and Drop off is Friday, February 9th, 6 PM – 8 PM
Weigh your car in and leave it there for races the next day. You must have your car registered on Friday night to race on Saturday. You can complete the registration form on our Pack website before weigh-in to allow another family to drop off your car – this is allowed as long as you already registered your car online!!!!!!!

Race Day is Saturday, February 10th – FLAGS NEED TO GO OUT THIS WEEKEND ALSO!!!!
Races will take place, according to Dens, in the Friendship Hall at the back of the Whitehouse Methodist Church. We use the Lane Rotation Method – Each participant WILL race 4 times each. The best total time determines the winners. Cars are racing the Clock, not each other. Many participants (1st and 2nd Places) will advance to district races. You are welcome to attend every race with your family!


Saturday, February 10, 2024 – PINEWOOD DERBY RACES and Flag Deliveries for President's Day etc.
Monday, February 12, 2024 – 6:30pm – Pizza supper Fundraiser for Arrow Crossover, Pack Meeting & PWD Awards
Saturday, March 9, 2024 – Monday, March 11th – Spring Break Camp – Dinosaur Valley
Daylight Saving Time starts March 10, 2024 at 2am

Friday, March 22 – AOL Crossover Campout weekend
Saturday, March 23, 2024 – AOL Crossover – may be looking at a Saturday afternoon/ evening crossover meal to allow family to come in.
Monday, March 25, 2024 – 6:30pm – Pack Meeting
Sunday, March 31, 2024 – Easter Sunday
Saturday day, April 8, 2024 – Total Solar Eclipse – Tyler, TX
Saturday, April 13, 2024 – Dad & Me (Council event)
Blue & Gold Banquet
Sunday, May 19, 2024 – Villages Waterpark