Remember TIGERS are leading the FLAG CEREMONY at Monday’s Pack Meeting!!

TIGERS are leading the Flag Ceremony – please try to be in the WUMC Sanctuary EARLY Monday – The meeting begins at 6:30 PM.  To participate, Tigers must be in their in Class A uniform (not hats please).

Pinewood Derby: THIS Friday, February 21st is Pinewood Derby check-in from 6–8 PM on in the Whitehouse High School Cafeteria .  No early birds, please. ALL cars must be checked in by 8 PM to race.  You will need to park in front of the main entrance of the high school (faculty parking lot) and come in the main entrance.  Register your car here prior to check-in.

Pinewood Derby race day is THIS Saturday, February 22nd from 9AM-done.  The Arrow of Light den will be selling snacks at both check-in and on race day (cards accepted).

Spring Break Camp: March 7th -10th at Arkansas Bend Park in Travis County, Texas.  Cost: 75 blue points OR $20. We only have a limited number of campsites available, so please Reserve Your Spot Here. This event is a multi-day event (Saturday through Tuesday) and will require Health Forms Part C.  We will have a required meeting on February 27th for all families (parents) attending.  The pack will be providing two dinners for this trip, spaghetti w/salad, and breakfast for dinner (pancakes) all other meals will be on your own.  We will be holding a pack-wide activity on this trip to be determined at a later date.

Blue and Gold: Mark your calendars for April 17th. Dinner will begin at 6:00 PM, and the Ceremony will start at 6:30 PM.  Location: TJC Apache Rooms