Spring Break recovery week – No meeting this week

Happy Monday Morning to all (I hope)

NO Bear meeting this week – use you and your scout's time to finish Bear Electives you might have completed, especially the ones I ganded out info on:

Bear Picnic Basket (nutritious meal & snack planning, meal preparation, etc.

Critter care –¬† can be done even if you don't own a pet!

Roaring Laughter – completed in Den Meetings and campouts.

** A few still need to complete their Duty to God Achievement to earn BEAR rank. For our new Scouts, you have until mid-April to get the main 6 Achievements done for Bear rank.**


All Achievements and Electives can be found by Googling  Bear Scout Requirements or Bear Scout Electives.


All events are on Pack Calendar. Below is a list of Pack events through Summer.
March 25 – AOL Crossover
April 23 – Blue and Gold
April 29-May 1 – Spring Family Campout at Camp Tyler
June 11 – Bicycle Rally at UMC
July 23-24 – NASA TRIP