Spring Family Camp and our change to a TIGER DEN is THIS WEEKEND!!

Howdy LIONS!! I have tomato plants and pots for our Lions to plant for their final elective! We will be planting our tomatoes Saturday evening at Family Camp – We start Finals this week at TJC so I can't meet on Monday, but we have Family camp coming up this week and will meet there!!!!

Spring family camp is this coming weekend, May 3-5. This is when we do our neckerchief changing ceremony and our last event of the school year. I know this is a terrifically busy time, but this is when our boys will be receiving their TIGER neckerchiefs and complete our last elective, so try to come out for the evening meal, activities, and the campfire ceremony!!! I AM GOING TO GO BY AND PICK UP OUR TIGER NECKERCHIEFS SO DON'T WORRY ABOUT TRYING TO GET BY THE SCOUT OFFICE.

GO TO THIS LINK:etacpack359.org/familycamp Please go to the link and sign up if you plan on coming. If you can't come camp, PUT “JUST FOR CAMPFIRE & CEREMONY” The cost for camp is $10 per family and 2 meals will be served.

Can't wait to see our new, grown-up TIGER CUB DEN this weekend!! I believe the link has directions to the Pack 359 camping area at the Pirkey Power Plant lake. It is really a beautiful area, with nice restrooms, plenty of paved parking, and nice camp sites, plus a huge pavillion where we have our meals. There is a fishing pier, so bring your fishing gear!! This is a GREAT place; come check it out!!!