Terrariums and more tonight!

Hey Wolf Scouts (and parents)!! What a GREAT Spring Break Camp – if you had to miss this year, hope you can make it next time!

We will be meeting at WUMC tonight – BRING A  2-LITER BOTTLE (I have several) to create a Terrarium!   Our Scouts have already earned their WOLF rank for Blue & Gold so we are in great shape and working on fun electives.

I know BASEBALL season has started, but I don't know when everyone's practice is … this is likely to cause a change in our meeting times, but I know we will all work together to help everyone attend!

I will be at the church early and have everything ready to go EARLY at 6pm for those who might have a 7pm practice. 

Everyone else plan to arrive at our usual 6:30 pm start time – if your practice is at 6, perhaps you could come by after practice to pick up your materials?  Trying to be as flexible as possible until I know what conflicts we have!!  Be sure to tell me your scout's practice times or any upcoming conflicts you know about (school programs, etc.)

I'll gather all the practice times tonight to plan going forward.  Does anyone know when games start?

See you tonight!!

Friday Night: The pack is invited to the AOL crossover. Details will be sent later this week.

Other upcoming events:
Wednesday, March 17 – Committee Meeting
Sunday, April 11 – Blue and Gold