Tiger Parent Follow-up

Howdy Tiger Parents!!

Several of you expressed you had trouble with YPT or Scoutbook.  Here's a quick rundown of both

Website- https://www.scoutbook.com/ (Made to use on a mobile device)
You should have received an email from Jason Phillips via Scoutbook with an invitation to join.  If you did not receive one, or can't find it, please let us know.
Once you've logged in, go to your dashboard and find your scout. Any updates on advancements should be made in the Advancement section (see below).
Inline image 1

Youth Protection Training (YPT)
Website- https://my.scouting.org (I recommend using a Computer)
YPT is required for every Adult in scouting.  Here is a document that walks through the process
 How To YPT

Bonus!! – Health Forms
If you have not filled out your health forms yet, you MUST do so before the next non-meeting activity (Cowboys or family camp)
2015 Health form_AB

Jason Beaton
Committee Chairman – Pack 359

PS – Jeffrey and Dan have volunteered to lead the Tigers! Give them a great big THANK YOU next time you see them. We are gathering contact info and bringing them up to speed. A roster will be shared once finalized.