TIGERS will be creating their DEN FLAG tonight – prepare for painting!

Hello to all the Terrific Tigers for Den 4!!!
Tonight we will be creating our Den 4 flag that will mark our place at Pack Meetings, campouts, and all Pack activities. The scouts will be putting their handprints on our flag – and hopefully NOT on themselves or others. Since we are working with paint, scouts do NOT need to wear their Class A Uniforms – if they really want to come “dressed up” then maybe have a T-shirt on underneath so we can make sure NOT to mess up the blue scout shirts!! Not all Scouts may be on this message stream – if you get this, and have a couple of extra T-shirts laying around, you might bring them to help out those who don't get the message.

ALSO – we will continue to work on the Scout Motto, Salute, Scout Law & Scout Oath PLUS Tigers will be doing a couple of science experiments with water, play some fun Tiger games, and have SNACKS!!

See you tonight!!