Troop Meeting Recap

Good Evening, Arrow Families!

Scoutmaster Jason here – Thank you all for attending tonight's Troop Meetings. I wanted to offer a quick explanation of what you all witnessed tonight.

As you can tell, the excitement and energy (aka Chaos) is real at the troop level. And that's a good thing (usually). Scouts BSA Troops are led by the youth scouts. As you saw, the older scouts were not only teaching the knots, but they were also doing their best to coordinate a group of over 30 scouts.

It will not be a perfectly well-oiled machine most of the time, and that's perfectly normal. This is the experience young men and women need to be successful later in life. Planning a meeting/event, visualizing how it will operate, leading a group of peers, and coordinating multiple groups at different skill levels while meeting new people and trying to end on time.

I hope you can see the uniqueness of Scouting and will encourage your scout to continue down the path of becoming an Eagle Scout.

Call me with any questions at (903) 530-9378.