Updates from Troop 359B and Troop 359G

Good Afternoon!

Troop Meetings for Troop 359B and Troop 359G have been canceled for this evening. Here are updates from each Troop regarding the campouts planned for this weekend (in case any Arrows were planning to attend).

Please contact Mr. Jason Beaton for more information on either of these events! (903) 530-9378

Troop 359G (Girl Troop)

In place of a campout this weekend we will be having a lockin Friday night at the church and then leaving from the church Saturday morning for a day trip to the Waco mammoth national monument for part of the citizenship merit badge we are doing this month. Looking to start the lockin around 6 pm and leave for Waco around 10 am. We will send out more details soon but if I can get a head count for both the lockin and the trip to Waco to plan out food and transportation.

Troop 359B (Boy Troop)

We will not be camping at Elijah’s retreat this weekend. Instead, we will meet at Blackhawk Creek trail for a 5 mi Map and Compass hike and trail cleanup. For anyone needing the 5-mile hike for 2nd class or the trail cooking requirements for the Cooking MB, this is an excellent opportunity to complete those. For any AOL scouts, this hike will count toward your 2nd Class requirement as well. One less thing for you to do! We will meet at 11 AM and likely be finished between 3-4 PM. Here is the location – https://maps.app.goo.gl/VSsgByNGjppGcZVV9
Scouts need to bring a backpack with their 10 essentials (https://scoutingmagazine.org/2013/02/the-10-essentials/), water, snacks, and a trail lunch (cold/dry or hot). Any pruning tools will also be helpful (small silky saws, lopers, trimmers, etc).