Webelos Camp – Sunday

For those who registered for Webelos camp.

Camp is fast approaching. Please arrive at Pirtle ready for check-in Sunday at 1:15 – 1:30 (eat lunch before arriving). Our group can NOT check-in until all boys and leaders are there.

• COMPLETED medical forms (A, B, C whih (which requires a doctor's signature))
• Cub Scout uniform (for flag retreat and dinner each day)
• Hat
• Second pair of closed toed shoes with socks (required at all times)
• 4 pairs of socks
• 4 pairs of underwear
• 4 t-shirts
• 4 pairs of shorts
• Reusable water bottle
• Sleeping gear (tent, sleeping bag, sheets, pillow, etc)
• Toiletries (soap, shampoo, toothpaste, comb, DEODERAND)
• 2 towels
• swim suite
• rain gear (poncho)
• Pocket knife and whittling chip
• Webelos handbook
• paper/spiral notebook and writing utensil (pencil)
• Flash light with extra batteries
• Insect repellant
• sunscreen
• chair for campsite
• rope/cord for clothesline
• Money for trading post
• Camp cup – with name and pack number
• Stuff bag – for dirty clothes
• Camp spoon – can get a cheap one at Academy
• Hydrocortisone lotion – bug bites
• Bandana – put name on it

Leaders bring a copy to give to them of your YPT certification. You can have the brand new YPT 2 (which covers BSA and TX requirements) or the original version of online BSA YPT plus the state required face-to-face YPT