WOLF Den contact list + potential things to work on in camp this weekend!!

Hello wild wolves!!  I know not everyone is going to be able to camp this weekend, but this contact list should be helpful for all of us to remember who's behind the Scout…and the mask!

At Pirtle, I confirmed that the Pack will be providing Breakfast and Dinner on SATURDAY only.  DEN 4 Wolves are doing lunch together – Tamez, Hill, and Lupton families are bringing the grill and hot dogs/buns/ketchup,mustard,relish.  We need everyone else attending to bring a bag of Chips and a package of cookies.  Also could use dip, veggies, cookies, maybe cheese for the hot dogs. (6 scouts & Families will be there for lunch)

Even if you are NOT camping, here are a few upcoming requirements and electives you and your Scout could be working on:

1 mile hike – while walking, recite the Outdoor Code, and identify 4 – 6 plants and animals you might see or see evidence of along the way!

The OutDoor Code: As an American, I will do my best to be clean in my outdoor manners, be careful with fire, be considerate in the outdoors and be conservation minded.   Always use the BUDDY SYSTEM – scout and parent or scout & another scout.

SCAVENGER HUNT – bring back 4 different kinds of leaves and plant seeds, and any trash you pass by!

Identify the “Cardinal Directions” – North, South, East, and West. Use these in a game of hide & seek near campsite.

(Practice our skit with the 6 scouts that will be there for campfire – we might be able to bring Ayden after soccer…)


WOLF DEN 4 – Contact Information  ** attending this weekend

Ayden Beaton (Jason & Yvonne) Jason's phone – 903-530-9378

Evie Blackmon (Wendy & Jordan) Wendy's phone 903-539-1174**

Ben Czalpa (Kacie & Ty) Kacie's phone 832-370-9799

Matthew Hill (Kirk & Melissa) Kirk's phone – 903-530-1610**

Cooper Lupton (Jill & Patrick) Patrick's phone 903-952-1117**

Gregory (Buddy) Nielson (Eric & Amanda) Eric's phone 331-213-8001**

Viana Preusse (Savannah & Jeremiah) no cell listed

Noah Tamez (Pedro & Kandi) Pedro's phone 903-312-7310**

Harrison Tucker (Traci Bryant & Shane Tucker) Traci's phone 903-539-1178**

Gigi and Tracy Delk – Ayden's grandparents – Gigi 903-574-3787  Tracy 903-574-1062 – will be there for dinner/campfire after Soccer games