CASTAWAY! New Adventure tonight.

Tonight we'll be starting our ‘Elective Adventure' for the Arrow of Light Rank – Castaway!

Here is the complete set of requirements which we will complete over the next two weeks-

Complete Requirements 1 and 2.

  1. Complete a. and your choice of b. or c.
    1. On a campout or outdoor activity with your den or family, cook two different recipes that do not require pots and pans.
    2. With the help of an adult, demonstrate one way to light a fire without using matches.
    3. Using tree limbs or branches that have already fallen or been cut, build a shelter that will protect you overnight.
  2. Do all of the following.
    1. Learn what items should be in an outdoor survival kit that you can carry in a small bag or box in a day pack. Assemble your own small survival kit, and explain to your den leader why the items you chose are important for survival.
    2. With your den, demonstrate two ways to treat drinking water to remove impurities.
    3. Discuss what to do if you become lost in the woods. Tell what the letters “S-T-O-P” stand for. Tell what the universal emergency signal is. Describe three ways to signal for help. Demonstrate one of them. Describe what you can do to help rescuers find you.
    4. Make a list of four qualities you think a leader should have in an emergency and why they are important to have. Pick two of them, and act them out for your den. Describe how each relates to a point of the Scout Law. Describe how working on this adventure gave you a better understanding of the Scout motto, “Be Prepared”.