Marble Madness tonight – and everyone will get marbles of their own to keep!

Howdy BEAR SCOUT Families!!  Meeting tonight 6:30 pm WUMC – usual location.

Tonight we will be going “back in time” to learn about the game of marbles, and each scout will receive their own bag of marbles to play with and keep.   IF POSSIBLE, bring a towel – we are going to try to corral the marbles a bit so they are not rolling all over the fellowship hall at WUMC.

I hope you have your squirrel feeders out – we have replaced the corn on ours twice already!! I know you are all having fun working on your Pinewood Derby Cars – Remember, Pack 359 PINEWOOD DERBY IS COMING UP QUICKLY – FEBRUARY 12TH!!

I heard that the Spring Break Campout to Possum Kingdom is filling up fast – the registration is on our pack website – look for the Spring Break button at the top right –

Upcoming Pack Events:
PWD Race Day – Feb 12
Scout Sunday – Feb 27
Possum Kingdom – March 12-15