FLAG Pick up this week – No additional den meetings due to Family Camp

Hello BEARS!

What a fun campfire – and the BEAR Scout's skit was AWESOME!!  I am so glad everyone in our Den got a chance to practice and perform our “Cooking” skit and thanks to Cobin (Patrick Lupton's grandson) for stepping up to “Skit” with us at the campfire!!  Hard to believe I won't be seeing you until AFTER Thanksgiving (I get to pick up husband Tracy at the airport Tuesday as you all are picking up Flags!! (He's been deployed with FEMA since September 4) and we won't meet the week of Thanksgiving since school is out!!!!

FYI – The Pack traditionally does NOT meet the week after family campouts (too much laundry, LOL) BUT all Den 4 Scouts should use this Tuesday during our regular meeting time to PICK UP all FLAGS and return them to the church.  Be sure you mark them as “returned” in the Flag app.  Jason Beaton will be setting up for Boy Scout meetings at 7pm and can assist you with marking the flags as picked up.  If you are scheduled to work with another Scout, use the contact information I sent out last week to coordinate your efforts.

Den  4 – Flag Route Reminders – If your Family is not on a flag route but your scout wants to help, contact one of the larger route families and see if you can join in!!!

B4 Route – Canyon Springs – 6 Flags – Whittaker Family (they are picking up)

B4 Route – Windridge & Remington – 4 Flags – Nielsen Family 

B4 Route – 9 Flags for Cumberland – Lupton Family with help from the Czalpa Family. 

B6 Route – Saddleview, Greenwood, Graemont, and Brook Hollow – 8 flags  – Preuss & Lampin Families

B8 Route:  Joye Lane Neighborhood and Jamie Drive – off of Rhones Quarter road – 4 flags – Blackmon Family.

B5 Route – Cambridge Village & Sleepy Hollow – 5 Flags – Sivula family 

When you log in to https://etacpack359.org/routes you will see the link for Den4/Zone 3

Zone 3 is made up 4 Flag Areas – B4, B5, B6, B8

Sorry this email is a bit long, since we are off for Thanksgiving I wanted to send some good ideas do for Scouts and Parents. The advancements below are required for the BEAR Badge!! (If you didn't go camping with the Pack, you can still go hike, camp, and explore Nature with your Family!!!)   

Did anyone see any snakes at Camp Pirtle??  Remember – SCOUTS – see if you can find anything cool/interesting about local SNAKES – Copperhead, Coral Snake, Rattlesnake, King Snake, etc.  Scouts will need a COLOR picture of both a venemous and non-venemous snake.  We will be doing some “snakey” stuff for fun soon!!

For those of you that attended MOM & Me and/or Family camp – AND everybody else who can take a hike or day camp with family….YOU have completed many of the following requirements toward your BEAR rank:  (Print this email out for easy check offs)

Bear Required Adventure: Bear Necessities  (Complete Requirement 1 – 4)
While working on your Bear badge, attend one of the following:

  1. a.A daytime or overnight campout with your pack or family
    b. An outdoor activity with your den or pack
  2. Make a list of items you should take along on the activity selected in Requirement 1.
  3. Make a list of equipment that the group should bring along in addition to each Scout’s personal gear for the activity selected.
  4. Help set up a tent. Determine a good spot for the tent, and explain to your parent/den leader why you picked it.
    EXTRA – Learn how to read a thermometer and a barometer. Keep track of the temperature and barometric pressure readings and the actual weather at the same time every day for seven days. (We will work on this one as a Den)

Bear Required Adventure: Fur, Feathers, and Ferns
Complete Requirement 1 plus three others.

  1. While hiking or walking for one mile, identify six signs that any mammals, birds, insects, reptiles, or plants are living near the place where you choose to hike or walk.
  2. Visit one of the following: zoo, wildlife refuge, nature center, aviary, game preserve, local conservation area, wildlife rescue group, or fish hatchery. Describe what you learned during your visit.  (Camp Pirtle is considered a Nature Center and conservation area)
  3. Name one animal that has become extinct in the last 100 years and one animal that is currently endangered. Explain what caused their declines.
  4. Observe wildlife from a distance. Describe what you saw.
  5. Use a magnifying glass to examine plants more closely. Describe what you saw through the magnifying glass that you could not see without it.
  6. Learn about composting and how vegetable waste can be turned into fertilizer for plants.
  7. Plant a vegetable or herb garden.

Bear Required Adventure: Fellowship and Duty to God
Complete the following requirements – this would be EXCELLENT to do over THANKSGIVING!!!  (Have Scouts write or dictate answers)

  1. Discuss with your parent, guardian, den leader, or other caring adult what it means to do your duty to God. Tell how you do your duty to God in your daily life.
  2. Complete at least one of the following:
    Identify a person whose faith you admire, and discuss this person with your family.
    With a family member, provide service to a place of worship or a spiritual community, school, or community organization that puts into practice your ideals of duty to God and strengthens your fellowship with others.
  3. Complete at least one of the following:
    Make a list of things you can do to practice your duty to God as you are taught in your home or place of worship or spiritual community. Select two of the items and practice them for two weeks.

Paws for Action Adventure Loop
Complete Requirement 1 plus two others from Requirements 2-4.

  1. Learn about our nation's flag. Display it at home for one flag holiday. Say the Pledge of Allegiance and learn its meaning.
  2. Do at least one of the following.
    Find out about two famous Americans. Share what you learned.
    Find out where places of historical interest are located in or near your community, town, or city. Go and visit one of them with your family or den at least two of the following.
  3. With your school or den, visit a local sheriff's office, police station, or fire department OR talk with a fire safety officer or law enforcement officer visiting your school or den. Find out what skills the officers use to do their jobs. Ask questions that will help you learn how to stay safe.  (We will be doing this for a future Den Meeting!!)
  4. Make a list of emergency numbers and discuss with your family where the list should be kept. Show your family that you know how to call for help in an emergency. Talk with your family about people who could help you if a parent is not available.
  5. With your family, develop a plan to follow in case of an emergency, and practice the plan at least three times. Your family can determine the emergency, or you can develop several plans.
  6. Do at least one of the following.
    Do a cleanup project that benefits your community.
    Participate in a patriotic community parade or other civic event that honors our country (Rose Parade and Christmas Parade!)

I am truly blessed to be able to share this adventure with your families and your Scouts and wish you all a safe and happy Thanksgiving!!!

Gigi D.