Flag Pickup :)

Howdy Folks!

Flags can be picked up at any point this week. Please let me know which Route you can assist with. I will be unavailable to pick up flags this time around due to Turkey Camp planning.

Our next Den Meeting will be on November 29th.

Here are the flag routes still available for our Den:

Route A1 – McElroy Road near Camp Tyler. 11 Flags with 11 Customers
Route A2 – Peninsula Road. 11 Flags with 10 Customers
Route A3 – Acker Tap and North Whitehouse – 8 Flags with 7 Customers – Jacen Jones
Route C4 – Hillcreek and Southpoint – 8 Flags with 8 Customers

All routes can be found at https://etacpack359.org/routes. You will notice there is now a button to create a ‘Printable' list. If you like to work from paper, this is your new best friend! Be sure to select your Route and print on Landscape.

Don't forget – Please update the Status (this helps us know what routes have not been addressed).