FLAG UPDATE – Three routes are spoken for, FOUR are left to be covered – please sign up, flags have to be out by this Sunday if not before!!!!!

Three of our Den 4 Flag routes have been spoken for.  WE need THREE or possibly FOUR Families to volunteer for one of the remaining routes.  We can double up to work together if all the routes are covered so each Scout gets a chance to do Flags.

DEN 4 – ZONE 3 – THREE of our Flag Routes that have been spoken for:

3.  B4 Route – 9 Flags for Cumberland – Lupton Family

5. B6 Route – Saddleview, Greenwood, Graemont, and Brook Hollow – 8 flags  – Preuss & Lampin Families

6. B8 Route:  Joye Lane Neighborhood and Jamie Drive – off of Rhones Quarter road – 4 flags – Blackmon Family.

ROUTES that need a Den 4 Scout Family

  1. B4 Route – Windridge & Remington – 4 Flags (___________________ family)
  2. B4 Route – Canyon Springs – 6 Flags (__________________ family)
  3. B4 Route Cumberland – 9 flags – Luptons + maybe another scout family _________________ – Patrick Lupton plans to go out Sunday afternoon and has offered to show where the flags are on all 3 of the B4 routes (1, 2, & 3) His phone is 903-952-1117
  4. B5 Route – Cambridge Village & Sleepy Hollow – 5 Flags – (_____________________ family)

Please email me at gdel@tjc.edu with what route your family is selecting – it's first come first serve, and then I can assign scouts to remaining routes.  Den 4 Bears are responsible for the flags in Zone 3 – there are enough areas for SEVEN families to put out flags and more if you work in tandem!!

When you log in to https://etacpack359.org/routes you will see the link for Den4/Zone 3

Zone 3 is made up 4 Flag Areas – B4, B5, B6, B8

I encourage anyone who is unsure about the process to contact the Luptons and go with Patrick and Cooper this Sunday afternoon to find your flag homes on one of the remaining B4 routes/ 

Contact Jason Beaton 903 -530-9378 for help getting the church open. Watch for updates when the east side flag room is open as well… Let's all grab a fellow scout, pick a route, and get our flags out by this weekend in time for VETERAN'S DAY!! Thank you to all who have served or had a family member in the armed forces.

Gigi Delk
Den Leader, Den 4