Great meeting last night – sharing the skit script with everyone

Good Morning Bear Scout Families!

At yesterday's meeting, our Den practiced presenting the Flags with Cooper “calling the Colors” in preparation for a family member's Eagle Court of Honor where Den 4 has been asked to present the American Flag.  The date is Saturday, APRIL 9th, at the Tyler Rose Garden Center, 420 Rose Park Drive- in the “Rose Room.” Scouts will need to arrive by 12:45.   You can call the Luptons for more information – Jill – 903-283-643  or   Patrick – 903-952-1117   About 3 or 4 Scouts will be needed; please check your calendars!

Reminder – get your Duty to God, Critter Care, Bear Picnic Basket, and any Advancements or Electives your Scout is working on turned in to me as SOON as possible so I can get all the awards updated for Blue & Gold coming up on Saturday, April 23rd from 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm at WUMC.  The Pack is providing box dinners from Fresh for Families to enjoy. We will start with food and then begin the advancement ceremony. Directly after ceremony we will have an inflatable slide and obstacle course for the kids to play on.

Registration opened on March 28th and close on April 17th.


All events are on Pack Calendar. Below is a list of Pack events through Summer.
April 23 – Blue and Gold
April 29-May 1 – Spring Family Campout at Camp Tyler
June 11 – Bicycle Rally at UMC
July 23-24 – NASA TRIP


Our SKIT – here is the script for Den 4's skit for Blue and Gold. If you were not here last night, your part is one of the scouts speaking ” in the middle – those parts are pretty much the same.  We lined up by first name alphabetical order.


Cub Scout 1 walks onstage and squats down as if he is sitting on a bench that is invisible.

Cub Scout 2 walks up to Cub Scout 1.

Cub Scout 2: “Whatcha doing?”

Cub Scout 1:  “Just sitting on this invisible bench.”

Cub Scout 2: “Can I join you?”

Cub Scout 1: “Sure!”

Cub Scout 2 squats down to sit next to Cub Scout 1.  Cub Scout 3 walks up to Cub Scouts 1 & 2.

Cub Scout 3: “Hey, what are you guys doing?”

Cub Scouts 1 & 2:  “Just sitting on this invisible bench.”

Cub Scout 3:  “Do you mind if I join you?”

Cub Scouts 1 & 2: “Not at all!  Have a seat.”

Continue the dialog with each Cub Scout coming up to ask what the boys are doing and if he can join them until you get to the last Cub Scout.

Last Cub Scout: “What are y'all doing?”

All Cub Scouts:  “Just sitting here on this invisible bench.”

Last Cub Scout: “No you aren't. I moved that bench over there yesterday.” Cub Scout points.

All Cub Scouts who are sitting fall down. (Laughter + Applause)

Count 1 2 3 – scouts stand up together – take a bow, exit the stage.