Monday Meeting

Howdy Parents,

I've turned in all advancements!! Woohoo. If you are wondering, scout book is having issues. I'm not seeing some of our den but talking with Cub Master Cody they are working to fix it. I can't even see my own son.

Monday night we will practice our skit for Blue and Gold and work on game design pin. I do not have a good app to teach how to build one online. I am thinking old school gaming but if a parent has something that is age appropriate and wants to step-up to lead this please let me know. We will plan out the game this week and next week make it.

Events you must register for to attend:

  • Webelos overnight camp: June 14 – 18 (link to come)
  • Family Camp Friday April 29th through Sunday May 1st
  • Blue and Gold Friday April 23rd from 6:30 PM to 8:30 PM.
  • Webelos overnight May 14 – Tyler State Park is booked (we vote on location tomorrow night)
    • Option 1: Lake Bob Sandlin (41 miles away)
    • Option 2: Purtis Creek (41.5 miles away)
    • Option 3: Martin Creek (44.85 miles away)
    • Option 4: Mineola Nature Pressure — need a parent to call to see if this is open