Saturday Meeting

Howdy Den 7,
Saturday we will be meeting at 9:30 at Whitehouse City Park. We will be starting an elective, Aware and Care, by playing several games. Please bring the following (some are quite strange):
1. a blindfold for scouts
2. 2 hardboiled eggs with the shells still on
3. Pair of swim goggles if you have them
4. CANNED GOODS! We are collecting food for the Whitehouse Food Pantry, most needed items are Mac and cheese, peanut butter, shelf stable milk, chili, and tuna.
5. A bottle of water, you may get thirsty with all the running around we will be doing!
Mr. Ryan will be out of town so Mr. Brian will be running the meeting and Ms. Amanda will be teaching you something new to present at the Pack meeting in October.

Yours in Scouting,
Ryan Bockover